St Gemma’s Hospice Leeds Art & Photography Exhibition & Sale 2016

Next week it’s the 16th St Gemma’s Hospice Leeds Art & Photography Exhibition & Sale 2016 in Leeds, and I’m contributing to this great cause by exhibiting 8 images (below) all of which are available to buy on the day. The event will be held at The Grammar School at Leeds in Alwoodley. A percentage of the sale price from each piece of art goes towards the vital work of St Gemma’s Hospice. As always, there will be work from a wide range of artists across the city, with somethin

Light Night, Leeds 2016 with the RX1rII

Leeds Light Night provided a great excuse to take the camera out after dark and capture some unusual images of usual scenes. Handheld @iso1600 to freeze the motion. Attached to tripod with a 4 second exposure to capture motion. Post processed in Lightroom & Analog Efex Pro 2 to add an extra dimension. LightWaterDarkSky@LeedsDock | Sony RX1rII LightWaterDarkSky@LeedsDock | Sony RX1rII LightWaterDarkSky@LeedsDock | Sony RX1rII Leeds Civic Hall | Sony RX1rII The Black Prince, Le

Leeds Artsmix Diary – “A Boat & A House”

“I don’t get it” snorted the women passing our Artsmix stall last Saturday. “It’s a boat and a house, I don’t get it!”. “It’s art” I said. “It’s autistic” she replied. “I don’t get it” she repeated to her friends shaking her head as she walked off, “it’s just a boat and a house” and that, I suppose, was me told. Isle of Harris | Sony RX1rII But I love this image. I love the colours and contrast in the stone. I love the symmetry of the picture juxtaposed with the irregularity

Sony RX1rII in the RAW

To compress or to uncompress? That is the question. Since I starting shooting with the RX1rII I’ve always had the format firmly set to uncompressed RAW on the (not unreasonable) assumption that though my memory cards might now hold only half the images, my disk drive is constantly full, and my post-processing time is twice as long, for an IQ gain, however marginal, it has to be worth it, right? But for my upcoming trip to Nepal and 10 day trek to Everest Base Camp, I’ll need 

Leeds Artsmix Diary – The Dip

Arts Market Dip It’s no exaggeration to say that the last two Artsmix markets have been my all time worst Why? Well who knows. There’s no discernible pattern and every hypothesis is immediately disproven. Right now it just seems like sheer luck; the pure randomness of the right person rocking up and connecting with the right image. If this magic happens then bingo, and every other factor, including price, pales into insignificance. So only one thing to do then, find some way

Leeds Artsmix Diary – Fudge & Near Misses

All Fudged Out It was a beautiful sunny day at Saturday’s Leeds Artsmix Market. Hope’s were high with a position next to the fudge stall guaranteeing a constant stream of traffic, and sure enough fudge of every possible flavour was soon being devoured by the hungry and happy Leodises. Anthony talks fudge & art But as the morning wore on, and the crowds at the award winning fudge stall grew, at our photography stall just an inch away, all was silent, not one sale, not even a h

Leeds Dock with the RX1Rii

Waking up at 5am to a promising sunrise, I finally got my act together and headed into work to take some images of Leeds Dock and Sky’s Shiny New Technology Campus. The sunrise didn’t quite materialise but the quality of the early morning light combined with the stillness of the water made the early start worthwhile, whilst the results provided enough material to go completely over the top with Nik Efex Pro. Click on the images for full size views, and expand to get the full

Leeds Artsmarket – Retail Therapy

Last Saturday was my first Leeds Artsmix Market of the year, and the first I’ve done without my photography side kick Anthony Shaughnessy. In the past Anthony has done all of the leg work and made my life incredibly easy. The stall, before Polly arrived, re-arranged and improved it. I didn’t realise how crumpled the hessian looked! At my first market, less than a year ago, I just rocked up with two plastic carrier bags full of prints. This time, as I headed into Leeds, I had

First Leeds Artsmix of 2016

On Saturday 9th April I’ll be manning a stall at the first Artsmix Market of the year in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, The World. New stock, ready for the Leeds Artsmix For the first time I’ll be flying solo, my normal sidekick fellow photographer Anthony Shaughnessy ( being otherwise engaged, which leaves me with the shivers (of excitement) and shakes (of apprehension). Best sellers, Staithes & Whitby For this Artsmix I’ve gone all out; a who

Night Time at Sky 3 with the Sony RX1rII

This week I got to move into our stunning new building at Leeds Dock. It’s a cool workplace designed bottom up for the development teams, and with Sky 2 and the soon to open Sky 1 it demonstrates Sky’s commitment to building a world class technology campus in Leeds. The building really comes alive when the sun goes down becoming a great subject to test the Sony RX1rII. Some quick snaps follow. Shooting Notes All images were shot at ISO200, aperture priority, using a tripod, a

Rubbish Waterfall @ The Leeds RERF

Well not quite a rubbish waterfall, more litter-ally (get it?) a rubbish fall! Leeds RERF | Sigma DP1 Merrill | After spending the past year or more following the construction of the Leeds Refuse Recycle & Energy Recover Facility (RERF for short) from the outside, I was invited inside by the French architects, S’PACE, to take some shots of its inner workings. Leeds RERF | Sigma Merrill DP1 | Whilst the rubbish fall mig

The Leeds RERF Re-visited – Sigma DP1 Merrill

After a 3 month gap I headed back to the RERF, curious to see how it was taking shape.  It’s now looking pretty complete; the innards are cloaked by the its outer shell, at night it glows on the horizon, and as I was passing the other day I was sure I saw smoke rising from the chimney.  It’s not the same photographic subject that drew me to it originally to test out the Sigma Merrills and Quattros, but its shape and form still make an interesting subject to show off the Foveo

Typical English Summer’s Day

Typical English Summer | Sony RX1 Sheltering from the storm. Last Saturday’s Artsmix market in Leeds. Five minutes later the sun was shining as though it had never gone away. Only two prints water damaged, a lucky escape! #LandscapePhotography #Leeds #Selling

Leeds Artsmix – Six Images, Six Lessons

It’s 6:30pm on Saturday evening. We – myself and fellow photographer Anthony Shaughnessy ( – start to dismantle our stall at the Leeds Artsmix Market ( As we pack we discuss the events of the day. We’re both smiling! Anthony had his best return to date; I’ve sold six images – six more than I expected! …And its a real buzz.  As we part we’re in agreement to return next month, but as a novice I know I’ve m

Artsmix Market, Leeds (or a week with the Epson R3000)

Printing Notes All prints were produced using an Epson R3000 A3+ printer, using Epson pigment inks & Epson premium gloss and semi-gloss paper. After struggling with an HP A3+ printer, and using external labs, the Epson R3000 has been a revelation. The right colours, tones and exposure, just pop straight out of the printheads onto the paper with little adjustment and no real calibration. Fantastic! The R3000 has now been replaced by the SC-P600, but that would have to be a hel

Cloudscapes (Leeds RERF Part 7) – Sigma Merrill

Ok, lets not kid ourselves, I’m bored with the RERF, you’re bored with the RERF, the people building it are probably sick to death of the place, so why the heck I’m writing yet another RERF related blog post I’ve no blinking idea, let alone why I went back in the first (or more like seventh) place. So avoid looking at the RERF; pretend its not there; think of it as just a bit of foreground candy for the cloudscapes that hang over it; and marvel at how the Foveon sensor in the

Two Buildings

Foreground, background; blue, green; traditional, contemporary; blue collar, white collar; industrial, service sector; commercial, residential … two buildings, many perspectives. As other parts of industrial West Yorkshire wane, Leeds just seems to roll with the times; a city in constant transition. Alf Cook Printworks, Leeds | Sigma Merrill | Indigo Blue, Leeds | Sigma Merrill | When I processed this off the cuff shot

Mountains in the City

It’s many long miles and multiple hours to the nearest hills of significance; a plane trip to reach Swiss alpine heights, hanging valleys and high passes; and half a world away to stand in Nepal or Tibet, to gaze at Everest; but only 15 minutes to find man made mountains and river valley’s in the City, complete with prayer flags! Leeds | Sigma DP3 Stitched | I’ve been waiting to capture this view for a long time, but it was spoiled by a huge yello

Leeds – Reflections of a City

The city’s reflective surfaces conjure up cubist abstracts out of the age old reality, unfamiliar images of familiar places, and unique perspectives on established scenes. Who needs Photoshop when you’ve a puddle or a window! The reflection in office window creates an abstract view of Tower Works. Tower Works, Hunslet, Leeds | Sigma Merrill DP3 | The original scene looking towards Tower Works. Tower Works, Leeds | Sigma Merrill DP3 | http://www.ri

The Build Continues – Leeds RERF Part 6

It was back in November when I first discovered the RERF and used it to review the Quattro DP1. Six months later my mission to chart the build continues; though with it’s innards mostly hidden behind plastic and metal, its fascination is diminishing and my enthusiasm is waning. Still to me it’s unique shape and structure continues to bring to some mind pumped up airfi