Rubbish Waterfall @ The Leeds RERF

Well not quite a rubbish waterfall, more litter-ally (get it?) a rubbish fall! Leeds RERF | Sigma DP1 Merrill | After spending the past year or more following the construction of the Leeds Refuse Recycle & Energy Recover Facility (RERF for short) from the outside, I was invited inside by the French architects, S’PACE, to take some shots of its inner workings. Leeds RERF | Sigma Merrill DP1 | Whilst the rubbish fall mig

The Leeds RERF Re-visited – Sigma DP1 Merrill

After a 3 month gap I headed back to the RERF, curious to see how it was taking shape.  It’s now looking pretty complete; the innards are cloaked by the its outer shell, at night it glows on the horizon, and as I was passing the other day I was sure I saw smoke rising from the chimney.  It’s not the same photographic subject that drew me to it originally to test out the Sigma Merrills and Quattros, but its shape and form still make an interesting subject to show off the Foveo

Cloudscapes (Leeds RERF Part 7) – Sigma Merrill

Ok, lets not kid ourselves, I’m bored with the RERF, you’re bored with the RERF, the people building it are probably sick to death of the place, so why the heck I’m writing yet another RERF related blog post I’ve no blinking idea, let alone why I went back in the first (or more like seventh) place. So avoid looking at the RERF; pretend its not there; think of it as just a bit of foreground candy for the cloudscapes that hang over it; and marvel at how the Foveon sensor in the

The Build Continues – Leeds RERF Part 6

It was back in November when I first discovered the RERF and used it to review the Quattro DP1. Six months later my mission to chart the build continues; though with it’s innards mostly hidden behind plastic and metal, its fascination is diminishing and my enthusiasm is waning. Still to me it’s unique shape and structure continues to bring to some mind pumped up airfi

An Evening Out with the Sigma Merrill – Leeds RERF Part 5

With the nights growing lighter and the RERF inner workings quickly being clad in wood and plastic, it was time take time out and capture it glowing the in the twilight, lit by street lamps and internal lights. I’d not used the Merrill’s before for night time shooting so was interested in their capability, and in general I’m happy with the results though I need to work out how better to control glare.  Shots were taken with 2 – 5 second exposures @ ISO100. As always the Merri

Travels with the Sigma Merrill – Leeds RERF Part 4

The RERF, in Leeds, continues to take shape, and continues to be a great subject at which to point the DP3 Merrill. I’m not sure the clever chaps at Foveon and Sigma would have listed industrial landscapes on their design specification for the Merrill sensor but I’m hard pressed to think of a better subject to show off the detail and tones this magic bit of technology is able to capture. The RERF is due to complete in June 2016, over the year away. I’m sure I’ll be drawn back

Travels with the Sigma Merrill – Leeds RERF Part 3

Ok, so now it’s becoming a worrying obsession. The RERF continues to take shape, and as I drive to the climbing wall, and look across the city towards East Leeds, I find myself compelled to extend my journey and record the construction. There’s something just a little bit fascinating about the mash up of materials – wood, metal, concrete and glass, and the way the Sigma captures the detail, that’s hard to resist. And this last point is the crux, I just don’t think another cam

Travels with the Sigma Merrill – Leeds RERF Revisited

In November, when trying out the Sigma DP1 Quattro, I headed to the construction site of Leeds new recycling and energy recovery facility (RERF) (original post @ RERF, Leeds |Sigma Merrill DP1| Back in Leeds for Christmas Eve shopping I revisited the site to see how the construction was progressing armed with the Sigma DP1 and DP3. Don’t

Sigma DP1 Quattro – Comparison 1 – The RERF, Cross Green, Leeds

The new recycling and energy recovery facility (RERF) under construction at Cross Green, Leeds, has the largest timber frame (@42 metres) of its type in the UK. It seemed like a good place to try out some first shots with the recently arrived Sigma DP1 Quattro so I headed over. Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility, Leeds | Sigma DP1 Quattro | It was a dull day and and I don’t believe this plays to the Sigma’s strengths. Recycling and Energy Reco