The Old School Welcomes the Abstract Landscapes of Gill Waugh

Fresh for her successful exhibition at Simonstone Hall in Wensleydale, The Old School Muker is very pleased to welcome the wonderful, abstract landscapes of Gill Waugh. Ribblehead, Misty Light, Gill Waugh | The Old School Muker Ribblehead, Misty Light detail Gill Waugh | The Old School Muker Gill’s work take us from the Yorkshire Dales to the Outer Hebrides, invoking the moods, atmosphere and beauty, they both share, lovingly worked in acrylic and ink … Uist Beach, Gill Waugh

12 Images of 2016

Twelve favourite images from 2016; an unforgettable year of travel that took us to Norway’s Lofoten Islands, the Isle of Harris in Scotland, and the Himalaya of Nepal, but begins with two shots of my home county of Yorkshire, England. In order taken … click on a the image to see the bigger picture … 1. Hole of Horcum, North York Moors, England. Shot in the winter on the drive home from Whitby, East to West across the North York Moors, and perhaps the only photo of the Hole of

Leeds Artsmix Diary – “A Boat & A House”

“I don’t get it” snorted the women passing our Artsmix stall last Saturday. “It’s a boat and a house, I don’t get it!”. “It’s art” I said. “It’s autistic” she replied. “I don’t get it” she repeated to her friends shaking her head as she walked off, “it’s just a boat and a house” and that, I suppose, was me told. Isle of Harris | Sony RX1rII But I love this image. I love the colours and contrast in the stone. I love the symmetry of the picture juxtaposed with the irregularity

To the Isle of Harris, The Slow Way

“It’s the journey that counts, not the destination”. If your destination is the Isle of Harris in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides there’s good grounds to say sod the journey, catch a plane to Stornaway, and be sitting in the dunes of Luskentyre before you can say “Traigh an Taoibh Thuath”. … but by taking the quick way you might just be missing out … Over five days of travelling Polly’s Slow Way took us back to old favourites – Rannoch Moor, Glen Coe, Elgol, Sligachan, and Eilean D

Defeated by the Beaches of Harris

Wow, crossing from East to West on our journey from the ferry at Talbert to Northton on the A859 and suddenly there’s Luskentyre right in front of you, white sands, emerald sea,  a stunning introduction to the beaches of Harris. Over the next six days I tried to capture just a hint, a smell, a touch of their beauty, but ultimately headed home defeated. Whether it was due to weather, or timing, or lack of creativity, or an unfamiliarity with the landscape, or lack of technique

Morgan The Whippet

Morgan the Whippet doesn’t often make an appearance on these blog pages, but she’s a constant companion on Polly and my travels … And so time for her 15 minutes of fame! Morgan The Whippet, Isle of Harris Morgan The Whippet, Isle of Harris Morgan The Whippet, Loch Shiel Morgan The Whippet, Pembrokeshire Morgan The Whippet, Yorkshire Coast Morgan The Whippet, Pembrokeshire Morgan The Whippet, Lake District Morgan The Whippet, Lake District Morgan The Whippet, Lake District Mor

The Northton Jogs – Isle of Harris

Get up. Make cup of tea. Drink cup of tea. Shorts, trainers, t-shirt, hat on. Camera in rucksack. Rucksack on. Stretch. Down the track from the cottage to the Northton’s main street. Turn left. Past the houses. Past Croft 36, excellent buns. Past the Temple Cafe, excellent food. Past the lane to the beach. Through the gate. Onto the machair. Harassed by Redshanks protecting chicks.  Right. Onto the sands of Traigh an Taoibh Thuath. Aim toward the sea. Onto Scarista. Follow wa

The Golden Road, Isle of Harris

Returning from Lewis in the North to Harris in the South, and to our base in Northton, we took the Golden Road, avoiding the fertile Machair and white beaches of the West coast in favour of the barren landscape of the East. Des Res with Boat, Isle of Harris | Sony RX1rII Down this coastline the land is unforgiving, a thin covering of earth icing over the bedrock lying inches below the surface. It may be beautiful but few people would chose to scratch a living here, but then f

A Room with a View – Isle of Harris

“I spent many hours and drove many miles, chasing the perfect scene and perfect light, only to find it was right there in front of me all along”. Room With a View Northton, Isle of Harris | Sony RX1rII During our six days on the Isle of Harris I fell in love with the view from our window. Past the fence that marked the boundary of the croft; over the rooftops of Northton, beyond the fertile machair and the lagoon and sands of Traigh an Taoibh Thuath, and out over the sea to t

Lochen na h-achlaise

Lochan-na-h-achlaise, Scotland Rifling through past images to print for our last Leeds Artsmix market before Christmas I came across two photos of Lochan na h-Achliase, taken over five years ago with my trusty Nikon D700. I must have shot them to stitch together into a panoramic, but it’s taken me until now get around to it. Still, better late than never! I loved one of images in its own right, and it was the subject of my 2nd ever wordpress post in 2013 (https://richardjwall