Illuminating York 2016 – Sony RX1rII

Another great chance to take the camera out on an Autumn evening in the city, this time in the historical city of York.  No tripod meant high ISO’s, wide open apertures, and some post processing in Lighroom. Illuminating York | Sony RX1rII @ iso2500. The Star In The City, York | Sony RX1rII @ is02500 Illuminating York | Sony RX1rII @ iso2500 Illuminating York | Sony RX1rII @ iso2500 Illuminating York | Sony RX1rII @iso800 Illuminating York | Sony RX1rII @iso2500 #LandscapePho

Autumn in Nidderdale – Postscript

We found it! At the third attempt, Guisecliff Tarn, at about 4:20pm as the sun was starting to set, and without a tripod. So iso800 at f4 for 1/60 sec, and a touch of camera shake, before a stroll back down the hill to the car and home, but already with plans to return next year. #Photography #SonyRX1rMarkii #Yorkshire #YorkshireDales

Autumn in Nidderdale 3

The third and final image from Sunday’s walk; the shimmering reflection of Autumn colours in the pond set perfectly in the aptly named Fishpond Wood. Fishpond Wood Reflection | Sony RX1rII We’d set off with the intention of visiting Guisecliff Tarn, in Guisecliff Woods, a second attempt after failing to find it exactly one year ago. Back then we took too long wandering along the river Nidd, captured by the stunning colours (below). This time Skrike’s Wood and Fishpond Wood, b

Autumn in Nidderdale 2

Sunday’s journey to Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales proved to be rich pickings on the photography front with the second Autumn panoramic view, this time of Skrikes Wood. Skrikes Wood, Nidderdale | Sony RX1rII In the past I’ve struggled with woodland scenes, which is slightly annoying given that they’re perhaps my favourite landscape, but on this occasion, concentrating on the hillock covered in the red Autumn fall and the composition of the tree trunks (rather than trying f

Autumn in Nidderdale – With the Sony RX1rII

I’ve be far too busy lately and nearly missed this year’s Autumn colours, but today, travelling through the Dales, we found a perfect view of Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  When the scene looks this good photography becomes simple 🙂 Nidderdale, Yorkshire Dales | Sony RX1rII Shooting Notes 3 shot panorama, using the Sony RX1rII at iso400 & f9, stitched & post processed in Lightroom. #LandscapePhotography #Photography #Yorkshire #SonyRX1rMarkii #YorkshireDal

Putting in the Miles

Over the last few weeks and months I’ve been putting in the miles in the Great British Northern countryside, in preparation for next month’s Everest Base Camp trek, accompanied by Polly, my kids Sam & Harry, my old friend Brad, and of course Morgan the dog. Though the primary purpose was fitness and weight loss, I couldn’t resist taking the camera. The following images range across Cumbria’s Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, the North York Moors, and Yorkshire’s East Coast

Light Night, Leeds 2016 with the RX1rII

Leeds Light Night provided a great excuse to take the camera out after dark and capture some unusual images of usual scenes. Handheld @iso1600 to freeze the motion. Attached to tripod with a 4 second exposure to capture motion. Post processed in Lightroom & Analog Efex Pro 2 to add an extra dimension. LightWaterDarkSky@LeedsDock | Sony RX1rII LightWaterDarkSky@LeedsDock | Sony RX1rII LightWaterDarkSky@LeedsDock | Sony RX1rII Leeds Civic Hall | Sony RX1rII The Black Prince, Le

An Old Friend – With the D800 & Sony RX1rII

3 years ago, on the first leg of our 90 mile walk along the Dales Way, I came across this sad old tractor, and couldn’t resist taking its portrait with my Nikon D800. Old Dales Tractor | D800 & 50mm 1.4G Today, in training for a longer walk, a trek to Everest Base Camp, I came across it once again, slightly worst for wear, and a few more cobwebs, but still standing strong, and snapped it with Sony RX1rII. Old Dales Tractor | Sony RX1rII Old Dales Tractor | D800 & 50mm 1.4G Ol

Soul Machine

On a tramp around our local woods we happened upon a farm machinery graveyard brim full of mechanical contraptions of all shapes and sizes, and for what purpose I have no clue, and in one corner, overgrown with weeds and ivy, this old wreck of a flatbed lorry, with more soul and pathos than the Mona Lisa. Surely some mechanical miracle worker should rescue it before it finally succumbs to its fate. Soul Machine | Sony RX1rII Shooting Notes Sony RX1rII, hand held at ISO 100. F

Morgan The Whippet

Morgan the Whippet doesn’t often make an appearance on these blog pages, but she’s a constant companion on Polly and my travels … And so time for her 15 minutes of fame! Morgan The Whippet, Isle of Harris Morgan The Whippet, Isle of Harris Morgan The Whippet, Loch Shiel Morgan The Whippet, Pembrokeshire Morgan The Whippet, Yorkshire Coast Morgan The Whippet, Pembrokeshire Morgan The Whippet, Lake District Morgan The Whippet, Lake District Morgan The Whippet, Lake District Mor

Saltburn with the Sony RX1R Mark II

A first trip out with the Sony RX1R Mark II to Saltburn on the Cleveland Coast. All shots were hand held except the second, classic, shot of the pier, which was balanced on a railing (my tripod is stowed away ready for our Norway adventures). All have been treated in Lightroom, pulling back highlights and lightening shadows. First impressions are that this is a superb little camera. Saltburn | Sony RX1rII | Saltburn |

Spurn Point 2015

Inspired by finding the 2011 shot of Spurn Point (the subject of the last post), and realising it had been nearly five (eventful) years since I last visited, on Sunday I plugged the Point’s co-ordinates into the Sat Nav, turned on the engine, and headed due East. Spurn Point 2015 | Sigma Quattro DP0 | Two hours in,  and five minutes before it was deemed too dangerous to cross, I was stumbling across the sand, silt and mud of the breach that at hig

Spurn Point 2011

I took this shot of Spurn Point, a 3 mile long strip of land stretching out into the Humber Estuary, back in May 2011 and have studiously ignored it ever since. It was the last shot of the day before I turned to head back to car after a day of shooting the groynes protecting the shoreline. Back then the Point hadn’t been breached but in December 2013 a tidal surge destroyed the road and at high tide the Point is now an island and the   image became part of Spurn’s long histor

North By Northeast with the Sigma Quattro DP0 – 2. Whitby

After spending 2 hours standing in the rain, failing to get any sort of decent Autumn shot in Sneaton Forest, I found myself at Whitby’s East Cliff one hour before sunset, ran down the 199 steps (counting each one of course) and frogmarched myself to the harbour. Forty minutes later I was running back to capture the classic shot from the steps as dusk set in and street lights flickered into life. Another thirty minutes found me balancing the DP3 Merrill in near darkness, hopi

Sutton Bank Sunset

We’d been driving around in the mist in the Vale of York all day, before finally heading up to Sutton Bank to see if we could catch the sunset. We arrived with minutes to spare, not really enough time to find the perfect location and set up the camera, but enough to rush from the car park and take a few shots as the sun disappeared behind the horizon … and to relax and take in the perfect scene. We’ll get there earlier next time! Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire | Sigma DP3 Merri

Sigma DP0 Quattro – First Shots

I’ve finally put my money where my mouth is and bought the Sigma DP0 Quattro. Unfortunately, since it arrived, the North of England has been shrouded in mist, fog and rain, perhaps not the Quattro’s natural element. But I couldn’t resist taking the camera out just after dawn around Sheriff Hutton, near York, when we stayed at Polly’s cottage ( last weekend. Sheriff Hutton | Sigma DP0 Quattro | Sheriff Hutton | Sigma DP0 Quat

North by North East with Sigma’s DP0 Quattro

River Tees Sunset | Sigma DP0 Quattro | I’ve been lucky enough to have the loan of a Sigma DP0 Quattro over the last couple of weeks. Sadly  a combination of work and poor weather limited the time I was able to dedicate to the camera, and to understanding how to make the most of it’s capabilities. High Force, River Tees | Sigma DP0 Quattro | Nevertheless Staithes, high up on Yorkshire’s East Coast, and Teasdale, just a

Classic Staithes View – Sigma DP1 Merrill

The classic view of Staithes, North Yorkshire, taken in the early evening at hight tide. Staithes | Sigma DP1 Merrill | Shooting Notes Sigma DP1 Merrill, hand held, at 1/100th of second, f7.1, ISO100 #LandscapePhotography #SigmaFoveon #Yorkshire #Coast #SigmaMerrill

Emley Moor Sunset – Sigma DP3 Merrill

When I see Emley Moor Mast, I know I’m nearly home. Emley Moor | Sigma DP3 Merrill | At 330 metres tall it’s taller than London’s Shard; sitting on top of the Moor it’s even higher. On a night like to tonight, much more spectacular. #LandscapePhotography #SigmaFoveon #Yorkshire #SigmaDP3Merrill #SigmaMerrill

Temple Newsam Evening with the Merrill DP3

Temple Newsam House in evening May sunshine. Temple Newsam | Sigma DP3 Merrill | Temple Newsam | Sigma DP3 Merrill | #LandscapePhotography #SigmaFoveon #Yorkshire #SigmaDP3Merrill #SigmaMerrill