Gaping Hill – In a Hole with the Sony RX1

Gaping Gill | Sony RX1 | With a trip to the Lofoten penciled in for this winter, I’ve been reluctantly (but increasingly) tempted by the “see in the dark” Sony A7s. The problem is that a new purchase would mean the sale of my beloved Sony RX1. Before I could bring myself to draft the eBay listing I needed to test the RX1’s low light capability one more time, and where better than 330 feet down a hole in Yorkshire. Once a year the Bradford Potholin

Hill of the Dragon | Sigma DP1 Merrill

Leaden skys hang over Pendragon Castle, Mallerstang, in Cumberland, legendary home of Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur. Pendragon Castle, Cumberland | Sigma DP1 Merrill | Standing in the remote valley of Mallerstang, Pendragon Castle, built in the 12th Century, is a thing of myth and legend.  Uther Pendragon reputably built the original castle in the 5th century on the site of an old Roman signalling post. Leading the Cymric people he fought

York Waterfront Winter’s Evening – Sigma Merrill DP3

Three standard shots of York waterfront … modern, ancient and something in between … all now deserted … it was cold! York Waterfront Stitched | Sigma DP3 Merrill | The panoramic above is stitched from four shots. York Waterfront | Sigma DP3 Merrill | Lendal Bridge, York | Sigma DP3 Merrill | All shots taken at ISO100 and with the obligatory tripod. #LandscapePho

One Giant Leap …

Camera ready … squirrel pauses camera clicks … up, up and away! Red Squirrel | Sigma DP3 Merrill | Ready for launch … Red Squirrel | Sigma DP3 Merrill | Blast off … Red Squirrel | Sigma DP3 Merrill | Refuel! The Sigma DP3 Merrill isn’t the best camera for shooting action or freezing motion, especially on a dull day. But it still proved  better than the second hand superzoom I’d bought for t

Castle Hill Winter Sunset

Twenty miles on a mountain bike, legs like jelly … just enough energy to head back and take in the winter scene … then collapse! Castle Hill Winter Sunset | Sigma DP3 Merrill | A favourite local view! Sunsets can be stunning; mist often settles in the valley; Victoria Tower on Castle Hill, an Iron Age hill fort, silhouettes against the sky. This image is stitched from four shots taken with the Sigma DP3 Merrill. #Lands

Sunset From Blakey Ridge

Leaving warmth of The Lion Inn the Sun is already kissing the horizon … the village of Rosedale Abbey is a two hour walk on frozen paths … but the moon’s shadow lights our way. Sunset from Blakey Ridge, North York Moors | Sigma DP3 Merrill | I think everyone who visited The Lion Inn took this photo of Farndale from Blakey Ridge. So why not one more? #LandscapePhotography #SigmaFoveon #Yorkshire #SigmaDP3Merrill #SigmaM

Travels with the Sigma Merrill – York

How it was known to the Brigantes is long forgotten. Hadrian held court in Eboracum after the modern city was founded by Romans in 71 AD. King Edwin of Northumbria would have called it Eoforwic, the chief city of his kingdom. Eric Blookaxe and the Viking remnants would have looked back on Yorvik, as he was ousted by King Edred. Today it is know as York, and even on a dull day it’s a perfect place to take the Sigma Merrill. 2000 years of history have got to be good for somethi

Budget Jurassic Park

Just quarter of a mile from 21st century civilisation … we disturb a pocket of Jurassic untouched for 150 million years … Did Spielberg once holiday in the Yorkshire Dales? Budget Jurassic Park | sigma DP3 Merrill | Budget Jurassic Park | sigma DP3 Merrill | Staring at vast landscapes I sometime lose sight of the detail. Polly spotted the lone mushroom precariously growing atop the signpost as we headed back to Simonst

Sigma Quattro DP1 Comparison – Part 8 – Yorkshire Air Museum

The Yorkshire Air Museum ( is a great place to go, and a great place to try out cameras. The aircraft below, the Blackburn Mercury Monoplane ( built in Leeds, my home town, is perhaps my favourite, and the light is wonderfully captured by the Merrill DP1. Blackburn Mercury Monoplane | Sigma DP1 Merrill | In the comparisons below as ever the Quattro proved to be the fa