2021 Exhibitions

After having to cancel last year’s exhibition programme, The Old School Muker is pleased to be able to offer a full (though condensed) programme in 2021, featuring a compelling mix of artists, styles and mediums - whether its original oils, collagraphs, Japanese woodcuts or photography - and with Wensleydale and Swaledale featured heavily during the spring and summer, there will be lots to see for lovers of these two neighbouring dales.     

Given the changing situation please check in regularly or contact us to ensure the exhibition dates are still correct.

Over Buttertubs

15 May - 27 June, 2021

Richard Walls

Landscape photographer and gallery owner Richard Walls travels over Buttertubs Pass every day on his journey between his home in Wensleydale and the gallery in Swaledale. Is there a better commute in the UK? Over Buttertubs is Richard’s first exhibition at The Old School Muker and brings together a collection of vivid, large format photographs, printed on aluminium, of these two stunning but quite different dales, capturing them in all conditions and tempers. 

Buttertubs Low Res.jpg

Piers Roams Swaledale & Wensleydale

15 May - 27 June, 2021

Piers Browne

Piers Roams Swaledale & Wensleydale is a collection of new, original oils and etchings by celebrated Askrigg artist Piers Browne who over the last year has been roaming dale & fell recording the beauty of Swaledale and its large southerly neighbour. For Piers Browne fans, and lovers of Swaledale in particular, it’s an exciting opportunity to discover how Piers has portrayed some of the iconic views of our home dale in his distinctive, colourist, style. 

Piers Browne Swaledale Low Res.jpg

Swaledale, 'The untamed Dale'

3 July - 15 August, 2021

Anji Timlin, Hester Cox, Laura Boswell

Swaledale, “The Untamed Dale”, is a celebration of Upper Swaledale featuring work by artist Anji Timlin & printmaker Hester Cox, both of whom have drawn inspiration from Marie Hartley & Ella Pontefract’s renowned book, “Swaledale”. They are joined by one of our favourite printmakers, Laura Boswell, who returned home from her first stay Swaledale last August, enthused and inspired by the Yorkshire Dales landscapes and the rugged beauty of Swaledale. 

Untamed Dale.jpg

Life & Traditions in the Dales

3 July - 15 August, 2021

Alistair Brookes

Life & Traditions in the Dales is an exhibition by renowned sculptor and artist Alistair Brookes, drawing on his passion for the life of working people whose industry and way of life have shaped the landscape, culture and traditions of the Upper Dales. Alistair’s raku work depicting lead miners, shepherds and a cast of Dales characters, are much admired by visitors to The Old School Muker and we’re thrilled that they’ll be accompanied by Alistair’s original watercolour paintings, created especially for the show.

Life in the Dales.jpg

Rock Legends

28th August - 29 September, 2021

Paul Berriff

Rock Legends by Paul Berriff, an exhibition of photographs taken in Yorkshire during the early 1960s featuring musicians and artists that would become some of the world’s most iconic stars just as they were on the cusp of fame. When we first showed Rock Legends in 2018 it was hugely popular with the public a real pleasure to listen to their recollections and stories of what proved to be a seismic moment, both musically and culturally, for the UK.

Rock Legends 2021.jpg

12 Months of the Year

2 October - 31 October, 2021

Peter Brook

Peter needs no introduction to art loving visitors to The Old School Muker, many of whom he met when exhibiting at the gallery. This set of 12 lithographs produced for the London art gallery Agnews in the 1970’s features an earlier, perhaps less familiar, style, but one that we believe emphasises his full talent as an artist. Twelve Months of The Year is widely and rightly recognised as some of Peter’s best work.

Peter Brook.jpg

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