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2022 Exhibition Programme


Paul Talbot-Greaves

1st May

Paul Talbot-Greaves use of colour, light and shadow, and his impressionist style, mark him out as one of Yorkshire’s most original and recognisable artists. Working predominately in watercolour he combines his mastery of the medium with a deep understanding and connection with the Swaledale landscape to produce paintings that evoke place, mood and peaceful, quiet contemplation.

Jill Ray.jpg

Jill Ray 

1st June 2022

Jill Ray is one of the UK’s leading digital artists. Working in a signature style of shapes and layers Jill’s work has the feel of Art Deco, 1950’s railway posters & stained glass, all mixed up together in a throughly modern style. Since 2017, when we first showed Jill’s landscapes, her work has proved enduringly popular with visitors to Swaledale and to our gallery.


With Nature and a Camera, Cherry Kearton and the Birth of Wildlife Documentary

July, 2022

On the walls of The Old School Muker are plaques to two of Swaledale’s most famous sons. Richard & Cherry Kearton were born in Thwaite and educated at Muker Grammar School (now The Old School).  They were amongst the world’s earliest wildlife photographers and in 1895 published the first natural history book to be entirely illustrated by photographs. Their work inspired a young David Attenborough. This exhibition, created by Cherry Kearton’s great granddaughter Evie Bulmer, was first shown at the Royal Geographical Society in December 2021.

James Wheeler.jpg

James Wheeler

2ns September, 2022

James Wheeler paints the remoteness and atmosphere of the high fells like no other artist. His love of pattern and texture - the oil paint often applied with the same old, blunt, and now priceless, razor blade onto the cork “canvas” - apparent in each and every piece of work. His work capture’s the sense of real dale’s days in every mood and season.  

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