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Adrian Wood, Artist Blacksmith


We’re bowled over to welcome the work of Artist Blacksmith, Adrian Wood, to The Old School.


Adrian is a university graduate with a degree in fine art sculpture from The University of London. A chance visit to a forge gave Adrian his first taste of blacksmithing. He recalls; “From the first moment I hit the hot steel I knew what I wanted to do.”

Adrian’s first job was at a renowned workshop near York where he worked on a number of prestigious projects. After which he worked for Brian Russell, widely regarded as one of the finest blacksmiths in the UK. Brian’s approach and processes to creating bespoke and uniquely designed metalwork had an enormous effect on the designs and processes created by Adrian.

Adrian uses traditional blacksmithing techniques  to create contemporary and innovative designs and works of art, with delicate attention given to the smallest of details, resulting in fine craftsmanship, superb detailing and a substantial build quality that reflects a belief in a lasting beauty and quality.

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