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Agvatnet, A – Lofoten Post 4


Agvatnet, A, Lofoten | Sigma Quattro DP0 |

Waking up to wind and sleet, we decided to make this a day for exploring in the car, and  headed West to A, the last stop on the E10, the main road that runs the length of the islands. In hailstones, rain and snow, we walked along A’s coastline and cliffs, and crossing the brow of a hill looked down to see Agvatnet, frozen, the mountains reflecting in the rainwater that covered the ice. Even on a bad weather day Lofoten amazes!

Shooting Notes

The image is stitched from three images taken with the Sigma Quattro DP0 at ISO100, with the camera on a tripod, and post processed in SPP and Lightroom.

The main challenge was finding a clear area to get a panoramic sweep and keeping the camera dry as the weather swept in! I also took a panoramic with the DP1 Merrill, but the colours on the Quattro just looked better to my eye.

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