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Cader Idris

It’s 11:15pm on Saturday night. A lost fell walker stumbles into the pub 4 hours after sunset and 6 hours after they flipped a coin and chose the wrong track down the mountain. 30 minutes later they’re in a taxi heading back to the comfort of their campsite, but not before leaving us their map of Cader Idris. Their misfortune is our gain.

Forward on the clock to 3pm on Sunday.  We’re enveloped in mist, no visible landmarks, unfamiliar territory. We start to head down a path off the summit marked with two cairns. I get the compass out and check the map they gave us. We’re heading North not East, we switch directions and stumble upon the right path. It’s an easy mistake, without a map and compass we’d have found ourselves in the wrong valley with a long walk home.

Cader Idris | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

Cader Idris | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

A stitched panoramic from the Minffordd Path with Craig Cwm Amarch (left) and the summit Penygadair (right) towering over Llyn Cau filling the corrie below. Taken before the clouds descended.

Llyn Cau from Craig Cwm Amarch | Sigma DP1 |

Looking down on Llyn Cau from Craig Cwm Amarch | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

Our last view of the valley for 3 hours!

Penygadair summit | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

Enjoying the view from Penygadair summit

Details of the route we took can be found here:

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