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From Tree to Print, The Muker Ash

In June 2018 the huge limb of an old Ash tree, close by Lover’s Lane, fell in the wind

Much of the wood was cleared immediately and moved from the meadows to allow the hay to recover, but a stack of log rounds remained.

Fast forward to the start of this year when we first discussed a workshop with Shona and my thoughts went back to that old tree. The idea of a print made from the Muker Ash seemed perfect and so, a few weeks ago, and with the permission of William, I headed back to Lovers Lane with a wheelbarrow to retrieve a couple of rounds. Last week, having finally got the chain saw working, I sliced and sanded them in preparation for printing.

On Thursday as she dropped of her work for her Featured Artist spot, Shona collected the Ash, and just five days later sent through a photo of the first print!

The Muker Ash


If you’d like to know more about Shona’s work please contact us at and remember that Shona will be in Muker on both the 14th and 21st April.

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