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Leeds Artsmix – Six Images, Six Lessons

It’s 6:30pm on Saturday evening. We – myself and fellow photographer Anthony Shaughnessy (http://www.anthonyshaughnessy.co.uk) – start to dismantle our stall at the Leeds Artsmix Market (http://www.artsmix.co.uk/events.php). As we pack we discuss the events of the day. We’re both smiling! Anthony had his best return to date; I’ve sold six images – six more than I expected! …And its a real buzz.  As we part we’re in agreement to return next month, but as a novice I know I’ve much to learn and improve. Driving home I reflect on the day,  associating each of the six images sold with a lesson learned.


Final Lesson

Stepping out from behind the anonymity of the internet to deal face-to-face with the public – listening to their comments and insights; discussing camera choices and techniques;  understanding their inspirations – proved to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience … and our fellow stall holders were a great bunch: all creative; all skilled artists; all making a living through what they enjoyed; all true entrepreneurs; and all pretty chilled, helpful and supportive. So the final killer lesson is not to hide your talent under a bushel; instead get your artwork out into the open air. Give it a go, I guarantee you won’t regret it!



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