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Malham Cove Winter, Sue Nichol


If ever a painting captures the scale, majesty and atmosphere of Malham Cove on a winter’s day, surely Sue Nichol’s original oil is it.

Title: Malham Cove Winter

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 90cm x 90xm

Price: £795

About Sue

Sue Nichol’s paintings are of places she knows very well and visits over and over again, both literally and imaginatively. Sue is attracted to the ‘edges of the land’ including our fabulous and varied coastline as well as the rocky edges to be found throughout the British landscape. Her love of the sea stems from Sue’s childhood. Sue was born in Hartlepool on the North East coast and visited the little fishing village of Staithes often, as she still does today. Sue finds constant inspiration in the sea in all its moods and it is a subject to which she is invariably drawn, striving always to capture its movement and strength, which Sue finds both fascinating and frightening. The wild hills and moors of North Yorkshire and Derbyshire provide a different challenge and Sue loves to paint them as they are exposed to the extremes and intensity of light. Sue tries to capture a particular atmosphere created, sometimes fleetingly, by swiftly changing weather conditions and is fascinated by nature’s ability to present a landscape in so many different tempers.

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