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Mountainscapes – Lofoten Post 8

Mountains. They’re what we came to Lofoten for, and it’s a good thing, because they dominate the islands.


Olstind, Reine, Lofoten | Sigma DP0 Quattro |

They surround you, and push you up against the beaches, lakes and sea, their shapes and moods drifting and shifting with the passing weather.


Hike to Yttersand, Lofoten | Sigma DP0 Quattro |

Both spectacular and daunting; spectacular as around each corner was another wow moment; daunting because the more I saw the more I doubted my ability fit Lofoten onto the tiny sensor wrapped by the small metal box of my camera.


Storvatnet, Loften | Sigma DP0 Quattro |

Every journey expanded, 30 minutes turning into 2 hours, as around each bend we stopped to point cameras at the next view, or watch Sea Eagles drift in the sky, or wait for a passing fishing boat, or descend to a frozen lakes.


Olstind, Lofoten | Sigma DP3 Merrill Stitched |


Reine, Lofoten | Sigma DP3 Merrill Stitched |


Fredvang, Lofoten | Sigma DP0 Quattro |


Road to Nusfjord, Lofoten | Sigma DP0 Quattro |


Agvatnet, A, Lofoten | Sigma DP0 Quattro Stitched |


Reine, Lofoten | Sigma DP0 Quattro Stitched |

In the end I couldn’t do Lofoten’s mountains justice. A week’s not enough, nor a month, nor perhaps a lifetime, but I plan to head back and make another attempt, and then another and then …

Shooting Notes

All shots taken with Sigma cameras, post processed in SPP and Lightroom. Panoramics created in Lightroom. Shots cropped and proceed to taste.

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