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North By Northeast with the Sigma Quattro DP0 – 2. Whitby

After spending 2 hours standing in the rain, failing to get any sort of decent Autumn shot in Sneaton Forest, I found myself at Whitby’s East Cliff one hour before sunset, ran down the 199 steps (counting each one of course) and frogmarched myself to the harbour. Forty minutes later I was running back to capture the classic shot from the steps as dusk set in and street lights flickered into life. Another thirty minutes found me balancing the DP3 Merrill in near darkness, hoping it was focussing on Whitby Abbey. As I climbed into the car for the two hour journey home it was still raining! That’s Britain for you!


199 Steps, Whitby | Sigma Quattro DP0 |


Whitby Harbour | Sigma Quattro DP0 |


Whitby Harbour | Sigma Quattro DP0 |


Whitby Harbour | Sigma Quattro DP0 |


Whitby Harbour | Sigma Quattro DP0 |


Whitby Abbey | Sigma Merrill DP3|

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