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Print Making At The Old School Muker

Over the course of 2019 The Old School Muker will focus on the rich and fascinating subject of print making, showcasing the work of some of the best print makers from The North of England and the UK.

Work will be on permanent display throughout the year and each month, from April to October, we will feature a specific artist allowing a wider range of work to be exhibited and a deeper appreciation and understanding of the particular techniques they use.

Though styles, subject matter and techniques may differ, all our print makers share one thing in common; a love for the rugged landscape, flora and fauna that’s synonymous with our surroundings, and that makes Muker, and Upper Swaledale, such a magical place. We hope you’ll like their work as much as we do.

Print Makers currently featured at the Old School Muker include: Piers Browne, Hester Cox, Carol Nunan, Rebecca Vincent, Morna Rhys, Janis Goodman, Anne Mason, Denise Burdon, Laura Boswell, Shona Brannigan and Sarah De Feu.

For more information please contact us at

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