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Rock Legends Exhibition, Paul Berriff

Running from 26th May to 24th June, Rock Legends by Paul Berriff

In the early 1960’s Paul Berriff OBE photographed bands and artists, during their first tours of the UK, who became some of our best loved and most iconic pop and rock stars. In the process Paul created a unique set of images, documenting perhaps the most exciting, creative and important, musical era in British history.

Adam Faith Sandi Shaw

Adam Faith & Sandy Shaw by Paul Berriff

The bands and artists Paul photographed include: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Adam Faith, Sandy Shaw and Pink Floyd, to name just a few.

EPSON scanner image

Paul McCartney by Paul Berriff

Between 26th May to 24th June the Old School Muker is extremely excited and proud to showcase Paul’s important and historic collection of images in our new Hartlake Gallery, in an exhibition timed to coincide with the Swaledale Music & Arts Festival.

Jimi Hendrix two

Jimi Hendrix by Paul Berriff

Richard & Polly 

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