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Seven Careful Steps | Sigma Merrill DP3

Seven careful steps, three giant strides, one great leap to chase a stick …

… endless possibilities

Hackfall Woods, North Yorkshire

Hackfall Woods | Sigma Merrill DP3 | http://www.richardjwalls.com

 Stepping-stones never fail to summon up the child within me; first taken carefully, then with increasing confidence, until I overreach, slip and walk home in squelching boots.

Hackfall Woods | Sigma Merrill DP3 | http://www.richardjwalls.com

 Standing in the beck in Hackfall Woods, waiting to take shots, adults, children and dogs cross the stones. None fall in.

 Shot with Sigma Merrill DP3. ISO 100, F16, 15 second exposure.

I bought the Merrill DP3 specifically to take monochrome images. The tonal range of the Foveon sensor outstrips most other cameras. Perhaps one day I’ll get to play with a Leica M Monochrom, but at £6k plus lenses not for a while.


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