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Sigma Quattro DP2 Comparison – Part 1 – Leeds Panoramas

Please read the comparison postscript:

My Sigma Quattro DP2, on order for a month at least, arrived yesterday.

The shots below provide an unscientific comparison of the Quattro, with a Merrill DP3 and my Sony RX1. I say comparison with, not against, because I love both the Sony and the Merrill.

All shots are stitched and have been post processed in Lightroom.  The Sigma shots were taken on the same day, the Sony some months ago.

Sigma Quatto DP2 |

Sigma Quatto DP2 |

Sigma Merrill DP3 |

Sigma Merrill DP3 |

Sony RX1 |

The Sony is thrown in there for fun. It’s a different camera altogether than the Sigma’s with a different look and much more versitility.

Of the Sigma’s I’ve grown to love the slow clunky Merrill. Slow to operate, slow to shoot, slow to post process, but wonderful IQ.

On (very) first impressions the Quattro is a better camera. But Sigma Photo Pro 6 is slower than a snail to process the files. In fact I’d say it’s unworkable.

What about the IQ? First impressions were positive but click on the images and compare the colour rendition of the building just below the middle of the three office blocks on the horizon. This looks unacceptable to me and poor compared to the Merrill (which I picked up for £299). So poor colour rendition and processing software that’s slower than sending off your film in the post! I’ll try again in better conditions but I think it will be back by Amazon before the week ends!

Sorry Sigma.

Please read the comparison postscript:

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