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Sigma Quattro DP2 Comparison – Part 8 – Conclusion

Please read the comparison postscript: http://richardjwallsblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/sigma-quattro-dp2-comparison-postscript-sigma-reply/

For an updated review please see: http://richardjwallsblog.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/sigma-quattro-dp2-merrill-revisted

So time to sum up!

This blogs been taken over in the last couple of days with the comparison of the new Sigma Quattro DP2 with my Merrill DP3 (and random assorted cameras).

Sigma Quatto DP2 | http://www.richardjwalls.com

It’s not a scientific test by any means, and one aimed at my needs rather than the needs of the great unwashed.

Sigma Quattro DP2| http://www.richardjwalls.com

Undoubtably the Quattro is the better camera: faster, more dials, better LCD (both quality and feedback), etc. The Merrill is simply poor in these respects.

Sigma Quattro DP2| http://www.richardjwalls.com

However, when it comes to what counts for me, for this camera, it’s simply about IQ and the Foveon look, and first impressions are that the Quattro’s IQ has been compromised by the new sensor design and that doesn’t work for me.

Sigma Quattro DP2 | http://www.richardjwalls.com

And then there’s the processing software. It’s just way too slow, unworkably slow in fact, and that’s before it crashes … and I run a Macbook Pro with an i7 processor and 16g of memory so no slouch of a machine.

Sigma Quattro DP2 | http://www.richardjwalls.com

I’ve been looking forward to the Quattro since it was announced. Watched the web intently; visited the Sigma stand at the Photography Show in Birmingham to get a sighting (no such luck) but did pick up the Merrill DP3 for £299 🙂 ; got my order in early; inspected the sample shots as they arrived on the web. Rushed back from work when the camera arrived …

Sigma Quattro DP2

… only to find that the colour rendition of reds and greens, and the snail pace and constant crashing of Sigma PhotoPro 6 unacceptable.

Sigma Quattro DP2 Background Detail

So I’m afraid the test ended in disappointment, and even a little sadness as I’d genuinely hoped that this version of the sensor would open up the world of Foveon to the masses (or at least widen its appeal a little). Now I worry the Quattro may have it consigned it to history.

Reviewing the photos above none are bad, in fact standing on their own the IQ is pretty good. The problem is that in terms of IQ it seems a step back for the Foveon sensor, not forward, or in other words a dilution!

Let’s hope that it’s not a fundamental problem and that Sigma can drag out some better performance from all the pixels it captures … but for now I’m sticking with the clunky old Merrill!

Time to get back to some real photography!

Please read the comparison postscript: http://richardjwallsblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/sigma-quattro-dp2-comparison-postscript-sigma-reply/


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