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Sigma Quattro DP2 Comparison – Postscript & Sigma Reply

Sigma Quattro DP2 Comparison – Postscript & Sigma Reply

Sigma Quatto DP2 |

Leeds | Sigma Quatto DP2 |

After posting a comparison of my brand new, funky looking Quattro DP2, and my clunky old boxlike Merrill DP3, I was left speculating on the cause of the issues I’d experienced.

Were the results due to my appalling post-processing skills (as some dared to suggest)? Was it a faulty unit? Was it a fundamental design issue with the sensor? Was it an immature release of SPP? Was it all just a bad, bad, dream?

Unable to sleep (thus ruling out the bad dream theory) I sought the opinion of the foveon gurus. This is Sigma of Japan reply.

“Concerning your inquiry, we consider that the current version of SPP still has room for improvement in terms of processing. In this circumstance, we have not announced this officially yet, but have a plan to release new version of SPP shortly. We expect that with this version and future updates some of the concerns you may have for dp2 Quattro will be cleared”

So SPP is the probable culprit!

Judging by the their interest in the comparison posts, and the speed and openness of their reply, I’ve great faith Sigma will quickly resolve the issues …

… and I really hope they do as in my brief time with the Quattro it showed much promise, and the DP1 & DP3 are still very much on my wish list.

 In the meantime my clunky old Merrill DP3 is not such a  bad camera to fall back on!


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