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Sigma SD Quattro H Musings

Driving around Lofoten I had plenty of time to muse on the email I’d received from Sigma UK that morning, announcing the new SD Quattros, especially the H. Where the heck did that come from???


As I was carrying around an SD1, 2 Merrills and a Quattro, my first thought to dump them all in a lake, hire a plane, fly to Japan and snatch one from the secret Sigma lab. The H, combined with a fast Art prime or two, wouldn’t that be the thing? I was genuinely, nurdishly, excited; a big sensor, a proper viewfinder, clever auto-focus stuff, a cool shape, weather sealing, what’s not to be excited about!

And then I started to worry …

I’ve bought into the whole small camera, carry around everywhere, thing, and the H combined with an art prime, is it just going to be too big and heavy?

I’ve bought into the matching lens / sensor combo, and just the thought of cleaning sensors again gives me the shivers!

Is low light performance and noise going to improve? When the sun goes down it’s bedtime for my DP0 Quattro, and on a 30 second exposure I’d be hanging around a while for seven shots to finish (3 minutes, 30 seconds to be be exact) and a lot wind can blow in that time!

Would’t it have been great with a mount that let you attach it to some small, high quality lenses, like Leica’s (if I could only afford it)! Wouldn’t a  Foveon / Leica look be awesome?

The nightmare of SPP! I fall asleep processing each Quattro raw file now, and that’s with the bare minimum in my rush to Lightroom. How many more hours sleep will I get with H size files? Perhaps each H needs to come with the latest Mac Pro for free.

And how much is the darn thing going to cost?

But hey, what’s the point of worrying? I want one of these beauties and can’t wait to get my hands on one. If the image quality lives up to the promise, and lets me print Foveon images super-size, and I can afford it, I tell you now it’s going in my bag 🙂

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