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Sony RX1 Ljubljana Nights

When I last visited the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, I’d spent two hours squashing my Nikon D800 kit into a small suitcase, leaving just enough space for a toothbrush and a small ballpoint pen.

This time around it had taken five minutes to pack a Sony RX1, Sigma Merrill DP1 and Fujifilm XE2. Even with the addition of a MeFoto Backpacker tripod there was enough room for a medium sized elephant.

My cunning plan was to use the backdrop of the Ljubljana night to test the all round capability of the Sony against the specialist capabilities of the Sigma and Fuji; namely the resolving power and monochrome ability of the Sigma’s Foveon sensor (more of this on a later blog) and the low light capability of the Fuji XTrans sensor.

However, it proved a bad mistake to pack the elephant. Neither the Fuji, or the Sigma, or my Mac Air, passport or car keys survived the trip!

The Sony, carved out of solid granite, survived.

Every time I use the RX1 I’m more impressed. It’s diminutive size in no way impacts on the image quality and because it will fit into my (admittedly large) coat pocket I have it with me almost everywhere.

I’ll be posting a full set of picture from the trip on when I’ve a chance, and hope to return soon, fully armed, to complete the test.

The Slovenian authorities are currently seeking the elephant; last seen heading towards the Italian Alps.

All shots were processed using Lightroom and are low res jpegs.


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