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Spurn Point 2011

I took this shot of Spurn Point, a 3 mile long strip of land stretching out into the Humber Estuary, back in May 2011 and have studiously ignored it ever since. It was the last shot of the day before I turned to head back to car after a day of shooting the groynes protecting the shoreline. Back then the Point hadn’t been breached but in December 2013 a tidal surge destroyed the road and at high tide the Point is now an island and the   image became part of Spurn’s long history.


Spurn Point, Yorkshire

Coming across it tonight, whilst looking back over my photo library, I started to play around with it it in Lightroom, and I’m glad I did! Resurrected from the image graveyard it’s become my favourite shot of that day.

Shooting Notes

Nikon D700, 2.5 Seconds at f22, ISO 100.

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