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Symonds Yat Storm


Symonds Yat Storm

We stood in the sunshine of a cold April day and watched as the snow storm headed up the valley towards us. As it hit we turned our backs and I took some shots, sheltering my lens from the snow. It was past us in a matter of seconds. Later, high up on Symonds Yat Rock, we looked down as snow flurry after snow flurry flew down the valley. The bar at the Saracens Head was a welcome retreat.

Photographs don’t have to be taken in the golden hour. Look to Turner for atmosphere and inspiration. The most dramatic shots are taken in changing conditions when the snow hits or a a shaft of light breaks through the clouds. Use the elements to help compose your shot. Mist and fog can obscure unwanted background and bring your subject into focus. Always have your camera to hand.

Richard J Walls

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