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The Drawings of Nolan Stacey

New for 2018, The Old School is very pleased to welcome the pencil and charcoal drawings of Nolan Stacey, superbly illustrating the wildlife that lives beside us in the Yorkshire Dales.


When we visited Nolan’s gallery back in November, so many drawings caught our eye, but it was the charcoal drawings of Ravens (a favourite since first reading Tolkien’s The Hobbit as a kid) that I enthused about as we drove home to Muker. The detail of the Raven, combined with the dreamy quality of foreground and background, to my eye turns the work into something unique and special, and though my guess is that it will be Nolan’s wonderfully observed studies of Swaledale sheep and hares that will prove the most popular, for me it will be always be Raven IV.

Richard & Polly

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