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The Hartlake Gallery

Our new upstairs exhibition space, the Hartlake Gallery, has been open for three weeks and is currently hosting the Yorkshire Coast & Sea Exhibition. Many thanks to those who’ve visited and for all the wonderful feedback.


The Hartlake Gallery at The Old School Muker

For those wondering about the name, Hartlakes is the area just below Swinner Gill between Muker and Keld. Hart = deer and lake = play, so Hartlakes is “where the deer play”.


Hartlakes, with Muker in the far distance.

If you walk out of Muker up Vicarage Lane and towards Keld along Lovers Lane, you my well spot deers on the path or in the fields below.


Vicarage Lane in 2018, during the Beast from the East

The Vicarage was built around 100 years ago so the name Vicarage Lane is relatively new, and there’s a thought that it was called Hartlake Lane, as Hartlakes is to where the path leads.


A newly built Vicarage looking down on Muker.

And for those who don’t like the sound of bumps in the night Hartlakes is: “reputedly one of the most haunted places in the country. Its other name is Boggle Hall, “boggle” referring to the old name for a spirit that moves from house to house”

More research required!

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