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The Journey North – Lofoten Post 5

I’m gradually catching up with posts of our Lofoten trip and this post takes us back in time to our  voyage onboard the MS Lofoten from Bergen to Bodo, with time to explore Alesund and Trondheim. The images are (just about) in the order taken.


MS Lofoten | Sigma DP1 Merrill


Alesund | Sigma DP1 Merrill (stitched)


Alesund | Sony RX1R MkII


Alesund | Sony RX1R MkII Panoramic Mode


Alesund | Sigma SD1 Merrill


Alesund | Sigma SD1 Merrill


Leaving Alesund | Sigma SD1 Merrill


Last Light | Sigma SD1 Merrill


Trondheim | Sigma DP1 Merrill

The stop at Trondheim was particularly memorable but for the wrong reasons. Stopping to photograph the Old Bridge, a lens fell out of my sunglasses and we became distracted searching for the tiny screw that (should have) kept the lens in place and was now lost. Whether I left the camera there, or whether I lost it rushing back to the ship, I guess we’ll never know. What I do know is that captain refused to delay the sailing by the 20 minutes it would have taken to retrace my steps. It’s fair to say I was furious with myself and furious with the ships captain; a camera I’d bought specifically for the trip, only owned a couple of weeks, and costing an arm and a leg lost on day 3 of the trip! The next day our time in Bodo was spent in the police station reporting the loss!


Lone House | Sigma SD1 Merrill


Norwegian Coastline | Sigma SD1 Merrill

There’s a fair amount of camera shake in the above image, a consequence of the long lens, the ships engine and my poor technique, but I love the composition so it’s included in the blog.


Ornes | Sigma DP3 Merrill


Flight to Lofoten | Sigma SD1 Merrill

It was sunset as we took off from Bodo to fly the short journey to Leknes on Lofoten. The view as we left the Bodo was jaw dropping. The above shot, shot using the SD1 Merrill, at ISO800, was typical of the scenery.  Hopefully flying at midday on the return trip I’ll have a better chance to do the beauty of the landscape justice.

Shooting Notes

The shots above were taken with the Sigma SD1 Merrill, DP1 Merrill, DP3 Merrill and (the now lost) Sony RX1 RII.

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