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The Old School Muker welcomes, the watercolours of Rachel McNaughton

New for 2019 The Old School Muker is pleased to showcase the work of Rachel McNaughton. 

In Rachel’s words … “Painting is a way into an inner world, a secret garden of colour and shape, and what stared as a hobby become an essential part of life. I work from life, or from my own photographs but both are merely a starting point and many paintings are created from a combination of various images. Watercolour presents the artist with many unexpected “ accidents” and often shapes that appear in initial washes become suggested flowers and so a painting often chooses its own path to completion.”

A regular visitor to Upper Swaledale, Rachel’s vibrant watercolours capture the brighter, more colourful side of Dale, when the sun shines and the meadows are in bloom.  

To learn more about Rachel’s work please contact The Old School Muker at

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