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The Old School Welcomes Carol Nunan

The Old School is proud to welcome the wonderful printmaking of Carol Nunan.  Carol’s work is rooted in the landscape. Her inspiration comes from cultivated and wild flowers, iconic castles, landmarks and archeological history.


Carol works primarily with monotypes and collagraphs. Printed by hand each print is unique. Her fascination lies in experimenting with printmaking media and alternative colour palettes to reflect the changing landscape. Her use of colour and quest to constantly reinvent her practice owes much to the diverse cultural influences of her African and Irish upbringing.

With an aim to bring more printmaking into the Old School Gallery Carol’s work was an immediate and obvious candidate, reflective as it is of the landscape and wildlife that surrounds our gallery and much of the North of England. Seeing it for real at this year’s Printfest, and meeting Carol and Chris, simply confirmed our suspicions, and it’s wonderful to now have the work on display.

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