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Up Hill & Down Dale, John Harrison

Between 30th June & 29th July, The Old School is proud to present Up Hill & Down Dale (with a short detour to the coast), a solo exhibition by Drawn in Yorkshire’s John Harrison, as regularly featured in the Dalesman, Yorkshire’s favourite Magazine.

Rupert the Bear, the Eagle, Dandy & Beano, Superman, Batman … For Yorkshire born John Harrison, these, and many more, were early influences. In fact, the very first time John read a Rupert Bear story he just knew he wanted to draw (and be in) those wonderful scenes of an idyllic world. The pen and ink style of all this childhood reading influenced John to a greater extent than he first realised – after trying out most other media John came full circle and for the last few years has worked almost exclusively in a line and wash style. For John it feels the most natural thing in the world and that feeling shines through in his work.

On Saturday 7th July John will be at the Old School to talk about his work, influences and inspiration.


The exhibition will be upstairs in our new Hartlake Gallery exhibition space.

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