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Winter in Swaledale – Part 1

Frozen waterfalls, iced over bridges, snow covered barns, clear blue winter skies, morning mists, trees and  walls etched in the white snow. Our first Winter in Upper Swaledale is here …

Barn & Tree, Keld, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Thwaite, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Ivelet Bridge, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Encroaching Ice, Kisdon Force, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Ice Patterns, Kisdon Force, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Kisdon Force, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Dinner Time Swaledale Fashion, Angram, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Kisdon Force, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Barns near Muker, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Path to Kisdon Force, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Follow the contours, Angram, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Morning Mist, Angram, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Field Barn, near Muker, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

East Gill Force, Keld, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

Late afternoon Winter, Muker, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

After the Storm, Birkdale Common, Swaledale | Sigma SD Quattro H

Room with a View, Birkdale Common, Swaledale | Sony RX1rII

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