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First Leeds Artsmix of 2016

On Saturday 9th April I’ll be manning a stall at the first Artsmix Market of the year in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, The World.


New stock, ready for the Leeds Artsmix

For the first time I’ll be flying solo, my normal sidekick fellow photographer Anthony Shaughnessy ( being otherwise engaged, which leaves me with the shivers (of excitement) and shakes (of apprehension).


Best sellers, Staithes & Whitby

For this Artsmix I’ve gone all out; a whole revamp of the stall, new acrylic framing and of course new images, some from my recent trip to Lofoten.


It will be interesting to see how the Lofoten pictures fare. If there’s a lesson from the Artsmix experience it’s that local images, ones people can connect to on a personal level, are the ones that sell, and unfortunately Lofoten is not very local at all! Still I love the mountains and it’s my stall, so bring it on.


Going big with the Epson SC P800

I’ve also invested in an Epson SC P800 so I can print A2 size, in other words big! And with the roller attachment that means very, very, big panoramics. I’ll write more about the printer as I learn how to use it …


38 cm X 38 cm Utakleiv Beach on the Epson SC P800

… but for now it’s just worked perfectly straight out of the box!


Packed up, ready to rock n roll.

So now with 6 days to go, it’s going to take a couple of evenings of mounting and wrapping, and we’ll be ready to go.

All images are (or will be soon) available on t’interweb at

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