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It’s Grim Up North – Exhibit D

It’s Grim Up North … the politicians and papers say … all urban degeneration … t’place is falling into decay


Clarence Dock, Leeds, 2014 | Sigma DP1 Quattro |

Don’t tell them there’s urban re-generation up North, they’ll all want to come!

… mind you there’s still some work to be done!

Recreation Avenue, Holbeck, Leeds | Sigma DP3 Merrill | www/

Recreation Avenue, Holbeck, Leeds, 2014 | Sigma DP3 Merrill | www/

Does just a 30 minute walk of 1.5 miles really seperate Recreation Avenue from Clarence Dock? They seem a world apart! I drive past Recreation Avenue every time I go climbing. The lines of red brick terraces seem to belong to an old Leeds, a Leeds of 50 years ago that still lingers on in pockets of the city.  Re-development has now started. Street by street the terraces are being demolished and replaced with modern housing stock. It’s not before time … but when they’re gone the wealth of the city may be richer, but the soul of the old city will be a little poorer.

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