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New Arrivals, James Wheeler

James is one of the best loved artists at The Old School Muker and so it’s wonderful to be able to show four more of his original oil paintings, faithfully depicting the landscape that surrounds our gallery.

Valley Shapes, James Wheeler, Framed 90x90cm, £1,595

Summer Sky, James Wheeler, Framed 52x52cm, £495

Five White Houses, James Wheeler, Framed 72x72cm, £995

Nature’s Textures, James Wheeler, Framed 82x82cm, £1,495

Each painting is superbly painted in oil on cork, and in each you can see James’s love of pattern and texture that make his work unique.

We also have a new selection of prints, so if you’re interested in viewing Jame’s work why not pay a visit to our gallery in Upper Swaledale. If you can’t make it up the dale, but you’re interested in finding out more about the work, please don’t hesitate into getting in contact with us on 01748 886166 or

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