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The Old School Welcomes the ceramics of Nigel Edmondson

The Old School is proud to welcome the ceramics of Cumbrian potter Nigel Edmondson.


With a mission to discover ceramic work for our garden, Polly came across the work of Nigel Edmondson at this years Pots in the Park. Perfect!


Nigel’s planters and sculptures are inspired by the Northern fells and dales and their earthy tones and textures will sit well, and become the centrepiece, of any garden.

Alongside the work of Adrian Wood and Michael Kusz, Nigel’s work makes the Old School Garden an even more special place to sit, relax, drink coffee, eat cake and admire the views and the art they inspire 🙂

More about Nigel below.

Richard & Polly 

Artist Statement

I am constantly searching for new ways to respond to the landscape and every walk on the fells contributes to this.

The surfaces or my ceramics are often richly textured and much of the work incorporates landscape-based abstraction that reflects and responds in particular to the fells that lie on my doorstep and on which I enjoy walking.

Craft-crank clay is used, fired to 1250°C in oxidation, only limited use is made of glazes with colour coming from metal oxides and high firing slips. On occasion multiple firings are employed to allow for further refinement of the ‘painted’ surface.

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