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Yorkshire’s Coast & Sea, John Sibson

Every so often, in our gallery, I find someone staring intently at a John Sibson watercolour; an eyes fixed full concentration do not disturb sort of stare. When I eventually break their focus they invariably explain that they’re working on a watercolour of their own, but are not sure how to do trees, or drystone walls, or some other technical aspect, and it’s John’s work they’ve turned to … And you can understand why; the delicacy of touch, translucency of colour, finely observed detail and technical mastery are palpable in his work.

For the Yorkshire’s Coast & Sea Exhibition, we’re delighted that John’s fixed his gaze on our wonderful East Coast and produced several original works, bringing yet another unique perspective and style to the exhibition, and with it perhaps more people staring intently, just checking how John as done the boat, or the sea, or …

evening light staithes muker

Even Light, Staithes | John Sibson

on filey beach muker

On Filey Beach | John Sibson

mooring post staithes muker

Mooring Post, Staithes | John Sibson

bempton cliffs muker

Bemton Cliffs | John Sibson

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